Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Que Los Queremos, Luciana Y Estamos Llegando a Casa, Sam

Tonight we prepare to say a temporary "goodbye" to Luciana and a much overdo "hello" to Sam. There are no words to describe this week, only that we are grateful for each and every moment with Luciana, and have missed Sam terribly. Maybe after some time has passed, I will make an attempt to share more. The trouble is, I don't know how to say "goodbye", and I don't know how to share all of this. For now, we will settle in for one last night with our loving daughter, and we count the hours to holding our strong and amazing son. We could not feel more blessed... or more heartbroken.

Here are a few more moments from our last couple of days in GC.

When we are settled back at home, I will try to share how much we have grown to love this country... the little we have seen, the people we have met, and the surprising adventures we stumbled upon.
And, finally, thanks for all your notes and loves... we raced to the computer each day for your encouragement. I really can not believe this visit is over... she has completed us. We are counting the moments back to you, Luciana.
Adios Guatemala. Thank you for our girl.
Much love.


Bobbi said...

OH, Beth and Keith,

The tears are flowing! I haven't been able to say you are coming home without a lump in my throat now for days. I know that feeling. You do look complete.

Love to you all. And, Sam I bet Mom and Dad hugs are never going to feel so good. What a big, brave brother you are to Lucy.

Much Love

OH Reese is OBSESSED with the picture of Lucy on the fridge. He has to have it and gives it kisses--UH_OH!!

Bobbi said...

Through my tears I forgot to say, that she is GORGEOUS! Oh my God is she cute. Her smile just melts your heart.

Soon your family will really be complete here in ME where you all belong.

Safe travels

Katie said...

Love the montage --- so precious!!!

jandjpowell said...

Hi Orlandos,
Just wanted to say how much we love you all and can't wait to see you again....hopefully soon.
Our hearts are with you.
Love love love!

Anonymous said...

Beth and Keith,
Please know that we're thinking of you - and admire your strength on this very hard day. What an amazing time you've had getting to know your daughter - she is beautiful and makes my heart melt everytime I see her. I know you'll be so glad to see Sammy today - and he'll be glad to have you home. If you need anything - we're here for you. Wishing you a safe trip -

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable!! Beth and Keith and Luciana, What a journey to each other's arms. You are beautiful and the tears just keep coming over the enormity of it all. You are all very strong; keep your eyes on the prize. Love, Sally

Steph said...

Keith and Beth, We have been thinking about you all day. We know how hard this is. But, Lucy is simply perfect!! She will be in your arms again soon. We just have to hold onto that faith.

Many hugs

Donna said...

OH- I've been checking back so often to see when you were coming home. My heart is just breaking for you. Even now I can remember the pain and heartache of having to unjustly say goodbye to my babies, too. I am praying that your hearts stay strong. (There is a song by Mercy Me called Homesick that I listened to daily, it just seem to fit exactly how I felt until I had them forever.)

Luci is bee-YOU-TEE-ful and I know that she will be in your arms forever, too - very soon!!

((((hugs)))) and safe travels!

Terry said...

I don't even know you, but I can't stop crying just because I know how hard it is to leave and hate for anyone to have to experience. But if you didn't have to leave, it would mean that you wouldn't have gotten to spend this time with your daughter and for that, you are blessed.

As Bobbi told me 7 months ago....

This will end. Your daughter will come home with you one day and then all of this will be just a memory.

Prayers for you and your family as you continue through this difficult process.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home to your amazingly strong son. What a journey! I suppose, you could look at your time with Lucy like an ultrasound that was more real than imaginable. Now, the pregnancy is in its final stages and soon, she'll be in your arms forever. Those last few months are always the hardest in a pregnancy... just come already! Only for you, you look wonderful...no waddling, no aching back, no cravings (except the large aching at your heart). Thinking of you hourly! I'll call Thursday when you're more rested and settled into your routines with Sammy!

XXXX Tamar

Anonymous said...

Beth, Loved your montage! Luciana is adorable! I think PGN tends to be running about 8 weeks....I'm hoping for shorter! Thanks for stopping by my blog:0)