Wednesday, December 19, 2007

33 Moments in One Day

Yesterday Keith and I spent his entire birthday day together. It was really such a great day. We shopped (mostly for Luciana!), went for coffee, had a lovely lunch, and a great walk around the Old Port. It was a beautiful day to be out and about, and I was reminded all day long of what it means to be married to your best friend.

Given that the rest of our life is an open book to the world, why not take a minute to gush about my husband? ** Cheesy ALERT! ** So, here they are... the 33 times Keith made me smile, made me laugh, made me proud, content, and grateful... on his birthday...

1) I love the way you made Sam beam when you opened your morning present. He was so proud of finding that Rubix cube for you!
2) I love how appreciative you were for the breakfast I made you despite the whole house smelling like bacon as a result.
3) I love that you patiently listened as Sam explained "how" to take him to the bus, what to do and say when the bus comes, and how to wave to him.
4) I loved having lazy coffee with you in our home.
5) I loved bumping into you all around the house during my morning routine when you are usually at work.
6) I admire that you were excited to shop for our daughter on your birthday, that you truly want nothing for yourself, and that you always put us first.
7) I loved your careful consideration of the best diaper pail for the nursery.
8) I adore that you cheered on my attempts to compare prices and use coupons! You were so proud of me!
9) I so enjoyed sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee with you at Starbuck's and taking time to just talk together.
10)I love that you thought it was a great opportunity to get your hair cut while I set off to buy the entire pink section of Old Navy.
11) I loved it when you gushed over little lady bug shoes.
12) I am amazed at our ease of nonstop conversation while spending every second together.
13) I am still smiling over our lunch together downtown. Didn't it feel like we were getting away with something to be eating lunch in "the city" on a Tuesday!?!
14) I loved playing the "new store" game with you in the OP.
15) I so appreciate your commitment to finding the "right" calendar for my nursery project.
16) Even more, I really appreciate your patient response when we later discovered it was not the "right" calendar.
17) I appreciate your humor with the driving incident. hee hee
18) I loved watching you sled with Sam when we returned home. You two are such pals.
19) I adored both of your bright pink cheeks when the cold finally forced you in.
20) I love your appreciation and excitement for your lack of big surprise gifts.
21) Thank you for thanking me over and over for a special day.
22) I loved putting our son to bed together.
23) I really enjoyed our sushi on the couch dinner.
24) I am in awe that we find days this simple to be the most special.
25) I am grateful of the way we laughed over the ridiculousness of "the process".
26) I am thankful for your accepting of my need to stalk guatadopt during commercials of Clash of the Choirs.
27) I loved dancing around to the tunes on your gift bag from your mom.
28) I love that you replayed your birthday messages from your family with a huge smile on your face.
29) I love that you tried to ignore your phone today.
30) I loved ending our day beside each other on our loveseat.
31) I am thankful for your birthday because it gave us this lovely day together.
32) I am thankful for any day that means we get to laugh together, talk together, be quiet together... just be together.
33) Thank you for a special day. Happy Birthday.
Heart, me


Bobbi said...

AWWWWWWWW! That was really sweet. I think I need to hear about the driving "incident". I really hope that we don't have to change your name here! (heehee)

Guatemama said...

Awwww Is right! Thanks for sharing some of your perfect day with us. I am glad you got to spend the day together! We found out that our decree was signed yesterday! Hopefully you will hear soon too.

Nicole said...

OK - you get an "Awwww" from me too! This is so sweet. Your husband sounds like a great guy, Beth! We already know how sweet and wonderful you are from your writing. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the day together. Happy Birthday!

Guatemama said...

Wahoooo I just saw your message on my blog! This is erie how things always happen on the same day for us. I hope this means we will be in GC at the same time.

Steph said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! Thank you for sharing with all of us how beautiful life is. You two are amazing.