Tuesday, December 11, 2007


While we are waiting on those three little letters, I am happy to share that some of my favorite blog buddies have heard the word and are OUT of PGN! Check them out, take a peak at their gorgeous babies, and wish them well as they begin the countdown to becoming Forever Families! Can you think of a better way to celebrate the holidays!??!

Oh yay! They are all jumping for joy this week, and can you blame them?!? WOO HOO!

Congratulations Happy Families!

Now, if Senior Barrios could just pick up that pen, I would love to make our next post all about Luciana and Eli... that would be a Christmas wish come true!

PS- I was planning to call PGN tomorrow. Should I call today? Hmmmmm.


Bobbi said...

Let's hope you join that list so very soon!

Maybe we should send him a new pen?

So hoping for my phone to ring today and just hear you screaming!!

Guatemama said...

Thank you Beth! Oh I am just dying for you to get the news also!! Then you will have a night with Sam like I had with Alex last night. Ok I am crying AGAIN. I told him as soon as he got off the bus and he screamed and ran all the way home. I couldn't keep up. Our boys are going to both be the best big brothers. I will check back later...

Anonymous said...

Oh Beth,
You have more self control than I'll ever have - i don't know how you do it. Praying and praying for good news for you THIS WEEK!!! :)

Emily said...

Yes- call!!!! Your time is coming, I just know it! :-)