Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy 6 Months & Happy 33!

Happy Birthday, Luciana! I sure do wish we even had a 5 month picture to post, but updates do not seem to be a strong point of our agency, so we will have to melt over the same sweet 4 month face as we think about our baby girl turning 6 months old today. We wonder what new things you are doing, how you are changing, what makes you smile... and we know that very soon, we will have you home to discover each new surprise and hold you in our arms every day. We love you!


Happy Birthday, Keith!

I love this man! I truly consider myself to be a very blessed lady to have been lucky enough to spend the last 13 years with Keith. We have grown up together and changed together and loved each other in the craziest of times. Watching Keith become a father has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life and I beam knowing how lucky my children are to have him as their Dad. I wouldn't want to be on this crazy ride with anyone else, and I am so happy that I get to celebrate my amazing husband today!

Love, love, love.


Bobbi said...

Happy birthday Keith and Lucy!!

Hope you guys had a fun time today! I was thinking of you.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday to both of them!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Keith and Lucy! We hope you have a wonderful day -
Take care.

Steph said...

Happy double birthday!! What a wonderful blessing!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - sorry for the pitiful singing on the answering machine - arooooo!