Monday, December 3, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I figured this was on it's way... so, here we go:

I've been tagged by Bobbi!

4 jobs I have held:

-Teacher (K, 1, 2, 3)
-Waitress... I am a horrible waitress

-Cashier at Filene's Basement during the Holiday Season!
-Mom (sigh)

4 movies watched more than once:

-Pretty Woman (ditto, Bobbi)
-Fried Green Tomatos

-Anything John Cussak was in in the 80's/90's
-4 Weddings and a Funeral

4 TV Shows I watch faithfully:

-The Office/Grey's Anatomy (depends on whether I am with K or friends on Thursdays!)
-Friends reruns

-Kitchen Nightmares/Hell's Kitchen
-LOST (it's not just my state of mind!)

4 places I have vacationed:

-Italy, Ireland, Scotland (same trip)
-Arizona (after driving there from Maine!)
-Dominican Republic (honeymoon)
-Bar Harbor last summer, camping with friends

4 Favorite Foods:

-chicken, broccoli, & feta pizza
-fries (love 'em, but avoid them... unless "researching" w/Sarah)
-My Dad's french toast w/ secret ingredient
-a perfectly grilled steak

Places I'd rather be:

-Florida... loving up my new baby niece

-Greece (why not?)

Hobbies I have:

-Reading (alone or w/ Sammy)
-Snapping pics

-shopping... hee hee

So there. Those of you who know me will probably not find any of that surprising. For the rest of you, now you know me just a little better. Hope you still come around! ;-)

Steph, you knew it was coming.... TAG! And, Tracy, I think you should get in on this, too. It's a good distraction while we all... you know... wait! Have fun!

Much love.

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Guatemama said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks for the tag. I hope your phone rings today!!!