Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fav Foto Friday

A day late... I know.
My aunt just sent me this pic. My family at Christmas visiting Nannie and Grampie.
Can you guess what decade??? I have great pics like this of K's family, but no scanner. Sad. I'd love to show young Keith, too. Deb? Any pics you could send? (hee hee) The great thing about seeing ANY picture of my brother is that Sam is convinced it's of himself!
Much love.
***edited to add: I just looked at Kerri's blog! She has an old school foto this week, too!


Kerri said...

Too funny! Great pic.
Kerri and Ruby

Bobbi said...

Beth, you are really cute!

Sam does look like your brother.

Love the decor and hairstyles....

Steph said...

Cute!! Now, why is your brothering wearing that big ole hat inside?!?! Ha! I love pics like these!!

Donna said...

Love it! That's great!