Thursday, November 8, 2007

Politics, Nursery, and Registering... OH MY!

So much to tell, so little time... before my house is full of 4 children who need me to get them on the bus! If you will please allow me to be brief, I will reward you at the end of this post! (wink, wink)

Politics: Good news from Guatemala! Please note that the following announcements have not been made "official", but all signs point to that happening.

Several reputable sites have reported that the Hague deadline will be moved from January 1, 2008 to April 2008. This is great news for our family because we feel confident that Luciana will be home before April. January was making us a little nervous. This is also great news for so many in-process families. In addition to this date change, it also appears that our (YOUR) voices have been heard and that an amendment to allow in-process adoptions to continue to completion will be made to law. Thank you.

Check out the following links to get the real deal:

I will admit that some of it is still a little confusing to me. As this was just released yesterday, I am curious to see how it will pan out. For now, we are taking a long awaited deep breath. Thank you all for your support, well wishes and prayers that have brought us this far. We feel so much more encouraged for the future of many Guatemalan babies. Let's get Lucy HOME!

Nursery:. It is time! We have started picking colors and pattern designs for a "custom border" by my very talented friend, Kim. My dear gal pals, Laura, Barbara, and Kim are hunkering down with me on Saturday and we are not coming out of that little room until it is done! Well, we probably will come out for obvious reasons, I'm not unreasonable... but you get the idea! We are going to be busy ladies! I promise pics of the whole process!

Registering: We did it! I think we may have a few things to add/remove, but it is done! I recently told Stephanie that registering added to the surety in my heart that Lucy is coming home and that we need to get ready. With each little item (and a few big... ha ha!), I could picture her using it, in it, on it.... the point was, I could see her here, in our home, in our arms.

Good things are happening.
Much love!

PS- Happy Re-Adoption Reese! We are so happy for the Party Of Five Family!


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I am so glad to hear that things may be working out in Guatemala. I agree registering makes it seem more real.

Bobbi said...

I have seen lots of pictures of this little girl, and I don't know if she looked more beautiful. Those eyes just pull you in.

And,you know what I am going to do to those cheeks!

Terry said...

Registering is really does help to make it real. And here's a secret for does having a finished nursery! :)

I'm so happy that you're preparing for her arrival! Soon....soon.


Steph said...

What a fun plan! I can't wait to see pics! SOunds like we both have weekends full of "surety."

Anonymous said...

I promise to be quiet when I climb my ladder outside your house this weekend trying to get a sneak peak....and...don't try pushing me off just to get that "perfect" picture!!!

Seriously, i CAN'T wait (but I will) to see Lucy's room...

Have fun! Lots of love,