Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Once We Are "Out"

PGN is often referred to as the final step in Guatemalan adoption, but that is not exactly true. In anticipating getting "OUT " of PGN soon (please, please!), Steph and I spent a little time today mapping out the remaining steps in what we hope is a clear and simple checklist of sorts.

I hesitated to post this, because we are not "OUT" yet, but if "what is next?" is what you are wondering, then here you go...hope it helps!

* Adoption Decree Signed -the child is legally now the child of the adoptive family. Yay!

* Birth Certificate Issued -the child's first and middle names unchanged, but with the names of the adoptive parents.

* Passport -Guatemalan passport (although the child is adopted by US parents, he or she is still a Guatemalan citizen).

* Submit to US Embassy -requests approval for an orphan visa to enter the US.

* DNA authorization (orange slip) -The DNA sample is compared with the first sample drawn several months ago, and it assures the authorities that the baby has not been switched with another.

* 2nd DNA test

* Final Medical Exam -Child gets an exit physical by an Embassy-approved doctor.

* Pink Slip Issued -It basically means we get to start packing our bags!

* Travel :)

* Embassy Appt -bring child and all the papers back to the Embassy, pay the visa fees, present the I-600 and I-864 forms, show your tax returns, plus current letters of employment, and come back later that afternoon for your visa and sealed packet of documents.

*Do the happy dance!

* HOME FOREVER!!!!!!!!