Thursday, February 28, 2008

5th Time Is A Charm?

I have started this post 5 times now. I don't know how to put into words all the things in my heart. In one attempt, I was exclaiming, "Keith is coming, Keith is coming". In another, I was pondering over how this year plus of hopes and prayers was coming to an end; a new beginning. In yet another, I was contemplating how I could be beside myself with anticipation while calm in the knowing that tomorrow begins a life that is so good because it is the beginning of our family just the way it is supposed to be.

You know, I am all of those posts. I am also a mother who has fallen even more crazy in love with both of her children over the last 3 weeks, learning so much more deeply what their little souls are made up of (and it is good stuff). I am a wife who has fallen even more madly in love with her husband for knowing why these days needed to happen, and for cheering me on during this mission of a lifetime. I am a daughter completely grateful to her parents and in-laws for their every support, every time. I have been humbled time and time again by family, friends, neighbors... even the occasional kind stranger... and I want to be sure to mark this night with the appropriate words... least of which are "thank you", but it's all I can come up with tonight.

I am sitting here, thoughts of the last 14 months (or 4 1/2 years?) like a slideshow of events that forever changed us, and trying to give that end a proper eulogy. A farewell. A much anticipated, long awaited, sweet dreams and good bye. It's done. It's over. I can look across this little apartment and see both of my babies sleeping, and know that when they rest their tired, Antigua dust covered bodies tomorrow, their Mommy and Daddy will both have kissed them goodnight, and that will seal the deal. We will have ended the marathon I first eluded to one year and one day ago in my first post. We can lay it all down and go to sleep under one roof, happily ever after.

There is no doubt in my mind that God has had His hands all over this journey and is blessing us now with this amazing reunion, in this unforgettable speck of the world to begin our lives in this new and beautiful way. Luciana is coming HOME, Sam is the Big Brother he has dreamed of becoming, and Keith and I can take that deep breath we have been holding for too many years. It's time to just be a family.


We're ready.

It's time.

I love you.



Donna said...

Beth - that was so perfectly, beauitfully well written. I have tears running down my cheeks...I am SO happy for "tomorrow" to become "today" for your family! God bless!

Emily said...

Godspeed to you and your family on the beginning of the most important journey for you- life as a a complete family! I have been so fortunate to have followed your journey up until now... All the best,


Sandi said...

Perfect post to a perfect ending. What a perfect happily ever after. May the Lord continue to bless your lives in unimaginable ways.

Bobbi said...

Called Keith last night to wish him a good trip. He is carrying hugs and Lucy Kisses with him!!

Beth, This is such a sweet day for all of you. I am so happy and excited. I will be thinking of you this afternoon!!

You can breathe now. Soak up the love that has come your way. This last leg of the journey is just going to slide by.

Your courage through this process has been amazing (and I don't just mean the adoption process). I feel lucky to have a friend with as much courage as you, Keith, Sam, and now Lucy.


Sam, you must be so happy Daddy is coming!!! YEAH!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me cry at work :) I am so happy for today. I can't wait to see that picture of the 4 of you together. Congratulations and much love on your first day of your new family all under one roof.
Thinking of all of you!
love, Carrie

Terry said...

Beautiful! Now you've made me cry.

Today is THE DAY! Enjoy those first few deep breaths as the weight of the world falls off of your shoulders. There is no other feeling like the relief you will be feeling later today.


Anonymous said...

Beth, I can feel your excitement and I am so happy for you and Keith. I can't wait to see a pic of the four of you. You have a wonderful family and we all can't wait to see you home.


PS--Thanks for making me teary eyed again!!!!

Anonymous said...

And now, you must be on your way to be reunited with Keith. Here's to yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever!!!!!!! It's an end of an era that begins the new future for the Orlando four. Lots of love! I'm just thinking, that airport in that speck of the world, has never seen a reunion like today. Some things will never be the same again. And really, they're all for the better! XXX Tamar

Kerri said...

Happy, tears welling in the eyes...
Kerri and Ruby

Carmen said...

Beth, I'm sitting here, the tears flowing down my face I'm sooo happy for your family. I know adoption is an emotional rollercoaster. My brother is adopting from China and he's been waiting for over 2 yrs. I pray that he will be as happy as you are soon!! Enjoy the rest of your time there with your whole family!! What a true blessing!! Carmen Cyr

Laurie said...

Beth I am so happy for you and your beautiful family! I have tears in my eyes from your so eloquent post. We are so blessed to be Guate mamas! Abrazos grandes!

Anonymous said...

Beth, Keith, Sam and Lucy -
Cheers to today - having all of your family together in one place -I am so happy for you! Your amazing writing brought me to tears this morning - I know today will be as wonderful as you have imagined. Can't wait to have you ALL back in "the hood"....

Steph said...

Beautiful. Perfect. TEARS!!!! Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with us. Your family has touched me in so many ways.