Monday, February 18, 2008

Tuk Tuk Ride (Part 1)

Okay, I just figured out how to get video on here... I don't know how to edit the length, so do not feel compelled to watch this whole ride home in the tuk tuk from earlier today. And, if for some reason you do, please, PLEASE, take motion sickness meds first! hee hee

Honestly, the video makes it seem worse (and louder) than it is! And, yes Luciana was crying a little, but not b/c of the tuk tuk ride... she actually really seems loves them! Sam is on board w/ the occassional lift, too. Walking around here can take a toll on 5 year old legs! Okay, so this is the ride, and the next (much shorter!) post is the tuk tuk driver driving away so you can see what the car (?) looks like.

This one is for you, Tamar! Ask, and you shall recieve!

PS- If you look closely and quickly in the second post, you will see my mom at our adobe!! ;-) It's brief, but it is evidence!!


Bobbi said...


I enjoyed the scenery, and wanted to watch the whole thing, but have to admit that I did start to get a bit nauseaus.

So good to hear your voice!!

Emily said...

I'm so glad you posted this!! After 30+ of these rides- I don't miss them....but they are a great (BUMPY) way to get around Antigua. It's funny...Nathaniel LOVED them too and they always put him to sleep! :-) So glad you're enjoying your time there and all the pics are gorgeous.


Terry said...

Thanks for posting this! I wish I would have thought about getting a video of a ride while I was there. Tommy loved riding, too...and I'm one of the weird ones that actually enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Amy read back on your entire blog. Well, not the whole thing, but all from before leaving until now. She agrees that you have an extrodianary talent for writing and words and we all think you need to write a book called Peaches and Cinnamon. Maybe some day when you have a little time. XXX Tamar

Anonymous said...

I know I've already posted but now that I'm at Ali's (within the first 15 minutes I rushed her to the computer) and we have reread and looked at your entire adventure together. I must admit on their extra large computer screen I have indulged even more. They seem almost life like compared to Joan's laptop. Again, this is my way of communicating with you until I get back to FOrt Kent. XXX TAMAR

Victoria & Joe said...

You seem to be having an amazing time. I sure hope I can get some time in Antigua before this is over.Enjoy every min of it.