Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snapshots of A Saturday

Saturday began with a quiet morning in the apartment. Mimi took a few family pics for us:

We headed toward the center before lunch. Saturdays are much busier than the weekdays. Here are some of our sights:

Sam was in charge of the itinerary for the day as he has had to follow our lead most days. He wanted to check out the Funky Monkey for lunch... not a bad choice at all:

Sam snapped this monkey shot!

After lunch, we took advantage of the pool and swingset at Mimi's hotel, the Real Plaza. Sam preferred the unheated hot tub to the ice cold pool:

Sam, Lucy and I crowded into a tuk tuk to head home. I had intended to include video, but didn't grab the camcorder in time... next time. Sam likes our new driver, Luis, who doesn't go too fast!

Many of you have seen pics of our place from
Emily's and Gretchen's visits (click their links to see much better pics... I am sooo tired, I can't do it justice tonight!), but I thought I'd include them, too. These pics are from Saturday night. Lucy had gone to sleep and Sam was watching Charlottes' Web that Ilse dropped off... and we, coincidentally, just started reading. Anyway, here is the apartment on a typical night for us:

On a seperate note, it needs to be said that my mom is a ROCK STAR! If you, too, have a rock star for a mother, I suggest you begin the journey to International Adoption, announce to your family and friends that you are taking your 5 year old and taking off to another country for several weeks to be with your baby, and then just see if she might like to join you... you won't regret it! Thanks Mom, Dad and Keith... you just have to know that this time is the greatest gift I have ever known.

Finally, for those who come here looking for a snapshot of Mimi with her grandbabies... I would remind you who we are talking about. My mother has ninja skills when it comes to avoiding the camera! I will get one out there before she leaves next week, and she has agreed. You can take my word, though, that she is having an unforgettable time! ;-)

It is 10:15 PM... yet another round of fireworks are going off! I can actually see these ones... beautiful. (Noisy, but beautiful.) Fireworks... there is so much to celebrate!

Much love.


Anonymous said...

I love being off on vacation because wiht the beauty of my mother-in-laws laptop, I find myself logging on to peachesncinnamon hourly! HEEHEE because now I'm the first again to see this amazing journey you're on. Can we get a picture of the tuk tuk? Thankyou for letting us experience Guatamala with you! What amazing sights and the apartment is great. XXX Tamar

Steph said...

I am living vicariously through your family right now!!! I love EVERYTHING!!! I am green with envy! But, in a good way! ;)

Isn't is amazing that, what initially was an awful setback, has turned into an AMAZING experience for your family (grandparents included!!)? I am soooo happy that your "delay" propelled you to go to Guate early and has turned out to be an incredible blessing in so many ways.

Thinking you you always and I can't wait to see Keith in those pics!!

Anonymous said...

Alright, how fast do I have to be to be the first poster of comments? Honestly, I have to try harder.
Your mom IS a rock star. Glad sheis enjoying it. Tell her hello.
The Funky Monkey sounds "right on" - this seems like a vacation spot, is it? Do tourists go there?
Should I already know this? And what is a tuk tuk? Sounds like a ton ton from Star wars.

Bobbi said...

Ok, I am a bit behind as we just got home from Boston. (I cursed you a few times for being in WARM Guat while I was freezing my tush off). I love all of the pics. You are just beaming with joy.

Glad that you are all having fun.

OK Mimi, you know I think you rock, but if there isn't a pic of you with that baby girl soon there are going to have to be some consequences!!!

Auntie G said...

My mom is a rock star too. However, I think I am handling this waiting better than she is. I can hardly wait for both of us to go to Guate to get my daughter.


Auntie G said...
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