Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sight Seeing

Yesterday Sam, Luciana, and I took a tour of some interesting spots around Antigua. We were joined by my fantastic neighbor, D, and her daughter M.

I have to fess up and tell you that I am just way too tired to write out all the details, so I am just going to give you the gist and toss some snapshots your way.

We first went to 'La Azotea Cultural Center' in Jocotenango to explore its museums of coffee, Mayan music, and costumes and crafts of Guatemala. This was so interesting and fun to see.

Next, we traveled to a sanctuary that I can not remember the name of, but wrote down around here somewhere. Anyway, it was beautiful with oodles of history, but my favorite part was the nun who followed me everywhere kissing Luciana (who was on my hip) and talking in spanish whispers to her everywhere we went!

After that, we did some driving through the "real" Antigua. We are living a part of Antigua that attracts tourists, though it has it's fair share of poverty. Still, it was important to see what is just outside of our daily experience. We were so close to the base of the water volcano for most of this part, and it was so exciting to Sam and I!

We made a couple of stops to check out a few ruins that were the results of either volcanoes or earthquakes, and then we ended up a market that is run entirely by Mayan women.

We had our wonderful guide drop us off at the square, grabbed lunch, and strolled home. It was a nice day. Enjoy the pics!


Bobbi said...

How neat to see all of that. Sounds like you had fun!

Anonymous said...

How cool is this! What a fantastic way to showcase your times! I think you're ready to go into business of blogging. You're Miss Technology! I'm so proud of you and all that you've endured. XXX Tamar