Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Pink Today

Luciana was dressed from head to toe in pink today in hopes of our big news, but no word today. It's really okay. Somehow, waiting for our embassy appointment date when we are here feels so much less crazy making than waiting at home! There is a very good chance it will come tomorrow... hang in there, folks! The thing I really can't wait for is to post when KEITH will be coming. At this point, Dad is not going to be making the trip. It really doesn't make since as we will be home soon enough.

Anyway, I am totally wiped out from another day of exploring. I hope I won't disappoint by the brief update, but I need to crash! We have fun things planned for tomorrow, so I will try to wrap up both days tomorrow night.

For tonight, here is my all time favorite moment of the day, taken at the Cathedral in Antigua Center:


Sam later told me that he was praying that Daddy was happy and would be coming soon, and that we would get that "PINK piece of paper" soon. Me, too, sweetheart. Such a love.
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Bobbi said...

Oh, Sam you make me cry!! What a sweet little guy. Daddy will be there soon enough!! Hang tight.

OK, my pink wardrobe is limited...

Will forgive you for being wiped. Lucy looked so cute today!! Sam too!!!

The gFamily said...

Can that be any more precious! A little boy praying for his family is just the sweetest thing in the whole world!

I pray your pink comes very soon! I am excited that you get to wait for pink in Guatemala. It is very cold here in the Midwest, waiting for Pink!! :)

Sandi said...

What an adorable picture. You have so many bountiful blessings. I will be praying for pink. :)

Emily said...

That pics says it all... What a great shot to have captured! Precious.


P.S. Yes, there were ants in the apt. I would say the prob. was minor and mostly in the bathroom. You might mention it to Ilse and I am sure she will help to resolve it.

Anonymous said...

Carrie and I got up this morning and were anxious to check out the news from Guatamala. What a precious picture of Sam, so innocent and truthful. HOpe the prayers worked. We're all keeping our fingers crossed for pink. Maybe I'll put both girls in pink today to send good vibes. Ok, stop laughing, you know as well as I that that is pretty much all the Philbrook girls wear anyway. Off for a day of adventures in Portland. Not nearly as exciting as adventures in Antigua. Much love from chilly Maine. XXX Tamar and Carrie

Anonymous said...

It's so great to "hear" you so calm and relaxed - you don't seem stressed (at least via. blog) so that is so great! We are ready for you to get that PINK SLIP! So, we'll be crossing everything today in hopes..... Love the picture of Sammy praying for his family....how sweet is he!!!

Auntie G said...

Please answer Sam's prayers. Keep him, his mommy and Lucy safe and happy too.