Monday, February 25, 2008


Of the many things that will forever stand out in my mind when I remember our time in Antigua, one of them will always be how colorful this town is. Everywhere you look... the buildings, the flowers and landscape, the clothing and many items for sale, even the chickenbuses... this town is just an amazing canvas of rich and bright color that's warmth is only outdone by the kindness of the people themselves.

I was looking back over some pictures and noticed that I have many snapshots of "colors".
Warning: There are no shots of my cutie kids in this, just pretty stuff.


Steph said...

What beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

Auntie G said...

That is beautiful!! I can hardly wait to see all the color for myself.

Bobbi said...

The colors there are so beautiful. Awesome pictures. They truly capture Antigua.

Anonymous said...

What brilliant colors! You captivate us and bring all of us to Antigua with you. Thanks for the experience! XXX Tamar