Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We Are Here

I know! I know! This post is a day late and more than a dollar short.

I am working on limited battery power because in the 11th hour of packing, I forgot my power cord!!! Are you kidding me?!?! So, I have not dared use up my battery until I knew I had time to sit down and give you all this long awaited update.

So, here it is:

We are here, she is perfect, I am floating!

Our flight was long, Sam did great, and we arrived at the Westin with time enough to splash water on our faces before the phone rang. We gathered up the scrapbook and our gifts and headed downstairs. Magda was there with two of her children and a neice, as well as Astrid from our agency. Sam and I just grabbed hands and headed straight for Luciana. Mom attempted to take some video... sadly, that didn't work out. (hee hee, it's okay... I won't ever forget!)

Luciana looked so beautiful, and she seemed so comfortable with me right away. We had a nice time talking for a little while. It was hard. There was so much going on in the lobby, and I think my emotions made it harder for me to ask the questions I had planned. Magda seemed so sad, but she was as graceful as ever. In the end, we hugged and I felt that we had her blessings to be Luciana's family.

After that, it was straight up to the room to stare at her! Ha! Actually, we did spend a lot of time fussing over her and I loved watching Sam become an instant Big Brother. He just adores her. I lost it a few times, and have been bursting with pride over my two children!

Folks, my battery is ticking down as I type and I know all you want is a pic!

Okay, here's the rest in a nutshell... exhausted last night, ended up ordering Domino's, Luciana slept almost all night with one bottle at 3am. She hasn't fussed at all. She is just perfection in curls. She waves and smiles at everyone and is madly in love with Sam.

My mom is crazy about her newest grandchild and has been a amazing cohort on this adventure. We explored GC by foot today, headed to the mall, and had lunch at some italian place. The weather is beyond gorgeous.

We got a ride to Antigua with Alfredo. What a drive!

We are here at Real Plaza tonight, and then to the apartment tomorrow. This town is so interesting. I can't wait to get out and explore, but I have to be honest, we are wiped out today... still recovering from that 3am wake up call Tuesday morning!

So... I imagine we will explore tomorrow.

Now, as for the pics... guess what, everyone is right, it is harder with 2 kids! Ha! And it is especially hard when you have rested your head in 3 places in 3 days. I am so looking forward to settling into one place with my kids! Speaking of... here they are for the first time together!!!

I am so happy! This is amazing, and the only thing missing is Keith. Keith, we love you and can't wait to wrap ALL of our arms around you very, very soon!

And on that note... DNA is a match and on it's way to the embassy! Honey, you had better start stalking flight deals!

With much love from Antigua,
Beth, Sam, Luciana and Mimi
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Anonymous said...

I am stalking! I'm the first to feast my eyes on these unbelievable pics. I am sobbing like a baby...I'm surprised since I'm usually so "unemotional". Sam looks like he's in heaven and I can only imagine that you pick her up to hug and kiss her all over and not want to put her down again. My words can't express the emotions and sincere happiness I feel for you! Hurry home...5 hours down to meet her are never going to feel so long! XXX Tamar

Anonymous said...

Beth!! You've got her!!! Yay!! (and am also amused that your previous post is titles "Time to Pack the Laptop" given your cord mishap! tee hee)
Hooray Hooray Hooray!!!!! She is amazingly gorgeous, and Sam is clearly totally in love. Truly - if I ever have babies - I'm just gonna give them to you and Keith because you're like the best parents on the planet.
Love you all madly - and love to your mom!

Guate4Jack said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. The kiddos look wonderful together. I'm so happy for you, now come on PINK and come home soon so we can see more pictures!!

Becky and Jack

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I've been checking your blog all day! I will say I felt like I had to read the post really fast because your battery was running out - hee hee - That's what happens when you have more than one kid, so be forwarned..... Much love,

Bobbi said...

Ok, I have so much to say I will e-mail later (c'mon you got to expect that!!!) First, I need to dry my eyes. My future son and daughter-in-law in the same pic---true heaven. LOVE LOVE LOVE

What a beautiful family. So glad Lucy is doing so well. Can't wait to hear more. You HAVE to find a power cord!!!!

Until later, much love from here. Many tears of pure joy and happiness.

Love her outfit--looks even cuter on!!!! The pink and blue are great colors. OH I have to stop.

I miss you!!! Can't wait for the embassy date---BUT I am not making a guess.

LOVE All of us here in Maine!!!

Anonymous said...

Now i can write since my tears have dried. I can't even imagine your emotions right now. What beautiful CHILDREN you have. Can't wait to see the family picture when Keith gets there.
I could drive over to the house and pick up that power cord and jump on a plane (Just to be a fly on the wall to see you all together ). My love and blessings to your family's future...Terri O

Anonymous said...

I just love the pictures!! They are so beautiful. I am beyond happy for you and can not wait to see you all in person very soon. Apologies to Keith for trying to pry info out of him earlier today...the suspense was driving me crazy. :-) We miss you already!
Lots of love -

Kerri said...

So happy to see pics of brother and sister together! Enjoy your time there.
Kerri and Ruby

Guatemama said...

TEARS!!! Seeing Big brother Sam with his sister at last. Oh what a moment. Enjoy your time in Guatemala. I am so happy you are together and can't wait to see Keith in the pictures also. What a happy happy day!
Tracy Jens Alex and Anika

Steph said...

Ohhhhhhhh...My heart is overflowing with JOY!!!!

Sam, you are already an amazing big brother!!!!! You look so happy with Lucy!! And, she looks pretty happy, too!!

At last, at last...this day has finally come at last!!

Much love to all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the pics of your 2 sweeties together! Brought tears to my eyes! WHat beautiful children you have! Enjoy Antigua!!

Nicole said...

Welcome to Guatemala!! Love the pics! It looks like I'll just miss you - I'm heading back tomorrow at noon.

Trust me, you're in good hands - Debbie, your neighbor, is WONDERFUL! I'm not sure if there's a pool where your mom is staying, but Debbie will show you to Hotel Antigua for a wonderful day of swimming and hanging out with the other families. So glad you're here.

Anonymous said...

Beth -
So happy and tearful to see Sam and Lucy together and safe.
What a blessing and a relief. I'm so proud of you and Joan for making this big trip. I will get Nana O down to see the pics tomorrow - if she could, I think she would've hopped a jet and met you there.
Looking forward to more will this happen with no power cord?
deb jack and mags

Laurie said...

Oooh I have tears in my eyes! I can feel your joy and am so, so, so happy for you all. Lucinda is beautiful and Sam....WOW is he one precious, adorable, proud big brother or what! Enjoy and cherish your time in Antigua because it is something you won't want to forget. I desperately wish I could go back now! Abrazos grandes a todos!

Anonymous said...

What PERFECT pictures!!! We are so happy you are safe and sound and holding your daughter. Sam looks so happy - Luciana looks so happy..... and I am so glad to hear the DNA is moving forward. Can't wait to see more - hear more about everything - see those VIDEOS!!! Enjoy every minute but we'll be so happy to have you ALL come HOME!!!!
Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

How awesome, what great pics of Sam and Luciana. Beautiful smiles and lots of love. Can't wait for more. We all miss you, Trav misses his buddy. We are jumping for joy with you.


Auntie G said...

She is beautiful!! I love all that hair. Sam is going to be a wonderful big brother.

Bobbi said...

Hey Lucy, Reese here. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! I like the new pictures of you. All I can say is, HUBBA HUBBA!!! You're cute!!!

We love you!!!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I am so glad that you made it. Love the pictures. You better find another power cord somewhere. We have to have more pictures.