Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Is Keith

I am sooooooooo happy. This is Keith, husband of Beth, father of Sam, and now Lucy. As this becomes real, I mean REAL, my mind is racing. We are pink. This means I just booked my flight to join my family in Guatemala and bring them home. I miss them more than anything. Although, I have been working long days and haven’t made a homemade meal in over a week, it still is not enough to distract my thoughts from missing my family.

My wife is truly amazing, brave, and has so much love. I could have never imagined my wife, son, and daughter riding in Tuk Tuks, looking out at volcanoes, and exploring a far away place like Antigua for a month. As a finance guy, I look at costs, look at costs, and then look at costs. I booked my flight in 3 minutes tonight with pure joy with utter disregard on the price tag.

Sammy is also my hero. I am amazed that he is so proud, so flexible, and so open to the great joys of life. He will surely remember this adventure and tell it as one of the stories that shape who he is. I know it is one of mine.

I have never been more happy. We are truly blessed.
Love, Keith


Bobbi said...

What a sweet post. I have been thinking about you all the time. I know what a sacrifice this was for you.

You do have the best wife ever!!! She is truly amaizing. By helping her make this possible you have made her the happiest I have seen her in a very long time.

Your son is an amazing little boy. He is brave and such a little trooper. Oh, how happy he will be to see you!!

That little girl of yours is something else. She has the wave of a princess. Look out for your little finger........Joe can tell you lots about that!!

Now, as usual my only complaint is that you are seeing her FIRST AGAIN!! I guess I'll let you slide this long as Beth keeps those videos and pics coming!! :>)

Much Love
Bobbi and family

Anonymous said...

Keith- I wanted to run right over last night and hug you and have a toast. But, after finally getting my two tired girls asleep, it was too late and I figured your unbelievable neighborhood clan would have already beat me to it. So, as your journey continues, we are thinking of you and sending all our love. We'll be anxious for all of you to be home, safe and sound. It will be hard to not rush right down the moment you arrive. Unfortunately, March is looking pretty full. So, let all your neighbors and other dear friends get their hands on Lucy first and when we come (hopefully the last weekend in March) we'll have her all to our selves. XXX Tamar and family (You certainly are blessed!)

Laurie said...

Keith I am so excited you will be joining your beautiful family in a beautiful country very soon! I love that a finance guy can book a flight in 3 minutes! Woo Hoo! :) We are all so blessed to be guate mama's and guate papas!