Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hi Daddy

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Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy!
Sammy and I LOVE you!
(Guess what, Mommy found the power cord... montage coming soon!!)


Guatemama said...

OH Oh OH She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! Took my breath away when I pulled up your blog. I am so happy for you!!!!

Hi Sam! Congratulations on being such a great big brother! Alex says hi.

Take care

Bobbi said...

YEAH!!!!! You found the power cord!!!!

I love the picture!! Nice pony Mom!!!

So happy for you. Now I can hear all about the trip. I have been thinking so much about you.

Much Love

Anonymous said...

Yay! Hair accessories!
What a sweet smile.
Looking forward to the montage. Please say what song it is to so I can hum it while watching (yes, my sound is still missing from computer)

Anonymous said...

PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS! Sitting up and all! Showed off your beautiful children at school this morning! LOVE!
XXX Tamar

Auntie G said...

What a beautiful little girl!!
And yeah for the power cord!

Guate4Jack said...

She is soooo cute!! I'm glad you found your power cord, can't wait to see more!!

Becky and Jack

Donna said...

How stinkin' is that!?! Ohmygoodness!! She's just beauitful! Yay for the power cord!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of Luciana - she is precious. I love her little bow - and her cute pink outfit. :) Can't wait to see more. Hoping everything is fabulous (how could it not be) - and that Keith is on a plane soon to get his family!!!

Steph said...

Ohhhhhh!!!! I am smiling ear to ear!! What a BEAUTIFUL girl!!! She is all smiles for her daddy!

I can't wait for DETAILS!!!

Oh yes, I certainly did think about the "missing each other by days." Can you extend your trip?? Hee hee!!

And, Reese has some competition for Lucy's heart...;)

Kerri said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Glad you found the power cord so we can see more of her.
Kerri and Ruby

Emily said...

Just perfect! SO much more than worth the wait, huh?! Precious pic! Enjoy every second. Hope you're lovin' Antigua!


Anonymous said...

OK, There are those eyes. They are going to be trouble! She is just so beautiful! We can't wait to have coffee with her

Anonymous said...

I've never been such a computer junky. I've checked at least 5 times today and you know what a feat that is for me. I keep hoping for new pics and news. I'm sure you have a million and one better things you want to do with your time in Antigua. On Vacation now! YEAH! Wish I was coming to see Lucy in Gorham. Sammy, I'm so proud of you for being so brave and for opening up your life to share all the fun you have with mommy and daddy with a beautiful baby sister. You are my stunningly handsome Godson! She's going to grow up admiring you boy so teach her well. Are you studying and keeping your journal? I want to read every detail you write. Plus you can tell me what you get tired of writing. We love you all! XXXTamar

Victoria & Joe said...

I am so happy for all you guys who are finally getting this over with. She is absolutely amazing. So gorgeous. You are so lucky

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the hair accessories! She could not possibly be more beautiful or more part of the family! She looks so happy and content to finally be with her mommy and big brother! They look GORGEOUS together! We are soooo...happy you are there with her. I have reminded EVERYONE who crossed my path at school this week to check the blog. Everyone is so thrilled and, of course, can't wait for you all to get home! I miss you terribly! Kiss those amazing cheeks for us (and give her a special one from her Godmother please!)

Love you!