Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sweet Faces

My girl:
Smiles, smiles, smiles.

My Boy:
Sam and I turned the backyard clothesline into a volleyball net! I had a boy, a ball, and a piece of string... I needed to find a way to PLAY... here is the result!

(Mike... thought you'd appreciate this one!)

Here is what happens when the ball goes out of bounds!

This is what baby girl was up to during out wildly entertaining game of Vball!

Look at these TOES! Awwwww!

Finally, this is our friend, C, who we see and visit with everyday in the square. She is crazy about Lucy and comes to sit and fuss over her everyday. Luciana adores her.

We spent a wonderful day with B and D, and D's baby girl. We had such a nice lunch out. Sam had a BAD case of blisters today, and (to make an a very long story short) walked the very long walk home in bare feet! Don't fret. He was such a trooper, and on the necessary occasion, I gave him a piggy back ride...yes, while pushing a stroller over cobblestone and broken sidewalks. The most amazing part about the whole scene was the Sam NEVER complained... not once. I can not say enough about how proud I am of him.

The night ended with take out in the back garden with 6 friends, 4 babies, and 1 Sam. Today was great. Up early tomorrow for a tour of some towns nearby.... pics soon.

Hey Katie... sleep well in Maine and enjoy this amazing time with family. Tell Jaiden I am counting the days to kissing those sweet cheeks!!!

Much love!


Victoria & Joe said...

Those pictures were definitely worth the wait.. Love the ones of Lucy. Gorgeous!

Donna said...

Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! Indeed!! My belly does flips everytime I see that counter counting down the days until hubby arrives, what a family reunion that will be!! Yall are gonna have SO much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
Hi to Sam! Hi to Lucy!Looking forward to seeing Keith (and probably you!) in the pictures when he gets there.

Victoria & Joe said...

I will be there the 5th and I am staying at the Marriot. It does look like we will barely overlap. Where you staying in GC

Bobbi said...

LUCY, You're sitting up!!! Yeah big girl. Love your curls today--but tell Mom Bobbi needs the ponies again soon!!!

Sam, I love your volleyball net. Your Mom is pretty inventive. You are being such a big boy. Sorry you had blisters. So proud of you for being a trooper.

Hope you guys have fun on your tour. Can't wait to hear about it.

Beth, Happy Blogoversary!!

What is your Mom going to do with all these babies to love? She must be in heaven!! Enjoy it Joan!!

Auntie G said...

What wonderful pictures!! Lucy seems to love the camera. I especially love the one of Sam and Lucy together.

Anonymous said...

HI Beth and Sam -
I LOVE the new pics - you're quite the little hair stylist with that beautiful girl. She is so precious! Bravo for your volleyball net - what a great way to release some energy! Hope Sam's blisters are better - can't WAIT to see pics of the 4 of you together this weekend!!
ps. Yes - you missed ANOTHER storm - really, enjoy that warm weather and bring some home with you will ya?

Anonymous said...

Hey Orlando's!!! I made it to Maine around 1:30 in the afternoon on Tues. Jaiden had some spells on the landings, but she was a great travel companion. We can't wait to see you Sam, and your new sister too! I had a nice home cooked meal with Mom, Dad, and Keith last night...it was great to see him. We'll see you very soon!!!
Love to all,
Aunt Katie, and Jaiden

P.S. Sam
Uncle John says that he misses and loves you very much. Uncle John says that your a wonderful Big Brother! He can't wait to see you as soon as he can get a vacation from work!!!

tio ede® said...

COngratulations for your blogoversary!

Guatemama said...

Donna took the words right out of my mouth. SWEET SWEET SWEET indeed! I don't think it can get much sweeter than that! I am so happy that you are having such a wonderful lifechanging experience with BOTH kids. Can't wait to see Keith there with you!

Sam sorry about the blisters. You play a good game of volleyball. :)

Anonymous said...

I have decided that the middle pic of Lucy up top is my all time favorite picture taken of anyone anywhere. Yup.

xoxo deb

The gFamily said...

Such BEAUTIFUL pictures! You kiddos are absolutely gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I hate being back at school. I can't seem to find the time to stalk the blog although I've clicked on many times to quickly show off my new little one in the teachers' room. I love the way Lucy tilts her head for the pics. Can't believe how she seems to be growing already! The ticker is ticking! I got all excited and antsy when I saw one day 17 hours. Good luck flying Keith! We're thinking of you and wishing to be flies on the wall. Lucy hasn't seen Daddy kisses in so long! Get ready sweetheart! There is nothing like Daddy's little girl (or should I say Princess?). XXX Tamar