Saturday, February 16, 2008

Worth The Wait

I just got this pic from Mom. It was taken in GC the day after we arrived... I can't even tell you... I was bursting!


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Guatemama said...

Heaven on earth!! WOW....A dream come true and I can so relate. It has been 8 days since Alex and Anika first saw each other and I am still crying...Way to go Sam!! A pro already..

Guate4Jack said...

You guys look amazing!! I bet you are about to burst! I remember it so well, and it only get BETTER! Enjoy your time there.

Becky and Jack

Brita said...

Love this - love all the sibling shots - Sam is such an incredible trooper! And I LOVE Lucy's round cheeks, her goofy smile, her little pigtails!

But as her officemate, I must make a special request for a Mimi picture...

Steph said...

Oh, I love this pic! I was just going to post asking why we haven't seen any pics of mom...YAY!! You look SO happy!!!

Okay, is we want to see Mimi with her grandchildren!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the video of Lucy - words from Ryan & Molly to Sammy: "We love your baby sister - she has the cutest smile in the world".

Beth - your smile tells all!!


Auntie G said...

What a sweet moment. Sam is such a wonderful big brother.

Laurie said...

Love it! I can see the joy all over your face!