Saturday, February 16, 2008

Everything I Have Dreamed Of

You know, there is no way I could have ever imagined that I would be sitting in a pink apartment in Antigua, Guatemala writing this post to you. There is no way I could have EVER imagined that I would be 3 feet away from both of my children while one naps and the other has a little down time with a snack after another day of exploring. I couldn't have imagined any of the wonderful things that have happened over the last couple of days of being here with my mother. Nor could I have imagined being here without Keith, but I know our time together is coming soon.

What I did imagine was the love and joy I would feel to finally be with my two children, together, forever. I have dreamt about it for years, not just months. I have imagined the feelings, the laughter, the love... even the total exhaution! These past days have been everything I have dreamed of.... and they will be everything I have dreamed of and more when we Keith is with us. Until then, we are making the most of being in this amazing place and getting to know about life together.

Both Sam and Lucy are doing so well. They are both so easy going and happy.... I am such a blessed mother. We have covered so much ground in just a few days, and they are always up for it! Needless to say, we are all sleeping very well. I think this is the first time in his life that Sam has gone to bed by choice! Lucy wakes once or twice in the night, but usually goes right back to sleep after a bottle.

I am so content, and as our process progresses, I feel lighter and lighter.

Lucy is up... I will do pics tonight of our outings today.

Thanks for all the well wishes and support...this really has been so good for our little family.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, I just had to write. I was showing Travis the blog and all of the wonderful pics of Sam and Luciana, and he said, "I want to go see Sam right now." I explained that you were in another country, but he still insisted that he see his buddy. We will be anxious for your return, but we know we'll have to wait. We enjoy your updates and pictures and are so very happy for you all.


Michelle Smiles said...

So glad your children are together and with you! Enjoy Antigua - I've been missing it a lot lately.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, Sam, and Lucy (and Joan),
We stopped by Deb's and took a peek at the blog. She's beautiful and everybody seems so happy. Hope you're all having fun and be careful and safe.
Can't wait to see Lucy in person! She is so pretty.
Keep sending us messages and love to all,
Papa and Didi

Peggy said...

Thanks for the updates....we continue to lift you all up to come safely home soon. I look into those beautiful shining innocent brown eyes and I wonder if that sweet little angel knows what a blessing she is and how wonderful her life will be...Sleep tight all of you and remember we are here in Gorham waiting for you to come home.

Much Love,
Peg and Padre