Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We took these pics yesterday in preparation of sharing our big news!! But, when the time came and I looked over at my smiling, half naked, bedheaded wild child, I just new that she had to tell you herself!!! We are PINK! Luciana is coming home forever!

You know what, I am just shaking, I haven't even read the whole docuement yet. But, I can tell you that our embassy appointment is on March 5th, our Visa pick up is on the 6th, and we will probably come home on the 7th!!!! The homecoming date may change depending on flights ($$).

Oh my gosh, you guys, this is just the most amazing feeling. Keith and I cried, Sam and I hugged like crazy, Mom and I screamed and cried and hugged.

I need to cover my baby girl in kisses!

Happy, happy day.

Thanks everyone.... you know your love and support has carried us this far, and now we can start the celebrating!! I want to hear corks pop all the away from Maine!

Much love!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The day has finally come ! Congratulations Orlando family, all 4 of you ! Enjoy your quiet time (okay maybe not so quiet) in the sun. Can't wait to see all the pictures when Daddy gets there.
Hugs and Kisses, Terri
Must have been the workings of Sam yesterday.

Guate4Jack said...

Yahoooooo!! congrats! I'm so happy for you. Enjoy your last few days there, can't wait to see pictures of the little princess at home.

Becky and Jack

Bobbi said...

OH, Beth!! She is finally coming home. I am crying, crying, crying. Cassie is jumping with joy!!!! What a time it has been. I have been so happy to share so much with you---and now the really good stuff.

Baby Lucy, you are coming home to so many who love you---and haven't even met you yet.

Something pulled me here this am. I had already checked, but decided to check again!!

Keith, check flights and pack your bags!!!! Congratulations Daddy!!!

Much love and celebration from this part of Maine!!!!!!!

Steph said...

I was JUST going to e-mail you because I saw a bunch of pinks on guatadopt. I thought I better check here first and LOOKEE!!!!!

Oh, I am crying tears of joy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YIPEEEE!!!!! My heart is happy, happy, happy! I just talked with Keith last night and he sounded wonderful despite missing you all. He must have sensed PINK was on the horizon... We can't wait to celebrate and share in your homecoming. I'm sending you a big hug right now!
Love to all -

Sandi said...

Crying happy tears for you. What a wonderful blessing. :) Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

If I could run right over with a cup of wine and hug you I WOULD!!! We are so happy for you (and a little sniffly from my happy tears)!! What GREAT news!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
Julie and gang

Anonymous said...

Mike and I could not be happier! We are jumping up and down! Can not WAIT to see you all and meet Luciana! Much love and a safe trip home!
~Ann Marie & Mike

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD! (Remember our conversation about saying that!) I read it screaming to Ali out in the kitchen. She was covered in raw meat but had to run in to see for herself. I can't believe we finally have a date. So, is March 5 going to be her 2nd birthday? This is such incredible news and I can only imagine the jubilee that you are feeling. Oh my friend, I'm so excited for you! XXX Tamar

Guatemama said...

CONGRATULATIONS again and I just had to comment again. This is a day to remember!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you all!
Tracy Jens Alex and Anika
What is the status on Keith's arrival???? OH I Can't wait to see pictures of the 4 of you together!!!!!!!!!
These pictures are so so cute!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just checked in from work! I am so excited for you! I love the wave on the video. Beth she is just so beautiful. I saw Keith for a moment last evening, I know he is so excited to be joining you!! We miss you!
Hugs, oh and of course wine!

Auntie G said...

She looks wonderful in pink. Thank you God for answering Sam's pray.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! March will be here before you know it and you ALL will be headed home! Enjoy your last days in sunny GC!! Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...



Terry said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Getting PINK has got to be one of the most exciting days EVER, other than getting on a plane and finally bringing your baby home. What a wonderful day indeed.

Enjoy the rest of your time in Antigua. It is going to FLY by from here.

I'm so happy for your family! :)