Friday, February 22, 2008

Fav Fotos Friday

Our first Fav Foto with both of my children. Happiness!

I love this one, too, because Sam took it (and b/c it is me with my girl!). Great job, buddy!

Mom flies home today. It has been an absolute dream to experience these past 11 days with her. She has been beyond supportive, so much fun, and just my very best friend! She has totally fallen in love with her Lucy and is super proud of her Sam, and I know it is going to be hard for her to go. Happlily, though, news of our embassy appointment and Keith coming soon make it just a little easier. I think that makes it a little easier for all the grandparents, huh? It also helps that she is going to be seeing baby Jayden almost as soon as she unpacks! How many cuddles can one woman take?

Thank you, Mom, for each wonderful moment over this week and a half. I love you so much and am so grateful for this time and experience together. We will be insufferable with our stories when I get home!

Give Dad, M&P big kisses from the Antigua 3, and maybe feed Keith a meal or two while he gets PACKING!

We love you!
PS- Heading to the Zoo. :)


Kerri said...

I absolutely love the pics of Sam and Lucy together!
Kerri and Ruby

Anonymous said...

I love reading about everything! i am soooo happy for you. The kiddos love seeing the pics of Sam and Lucy together! We can't wait to meet her!!!!tell sam that Aidan and Emma say hi!

Anonymous said... show strength beyond words. I'm sad that mom flies home and leaves you three there but am so glad that you've had this time together. I know that she leaves you b/c she knows you're safe and well cared for. She wouldn't go otherwise. Now that you're alone with your beautiful children, maybe you'll want to call on a native to show you something new and take care of you. Don't hesitate to email/call on my mom's exchange sister. I'm sure she's sitting by the phone/computer, hoping to hear from you. Enjoy the quiet times as well. You know that once you're home, there won't be much of that for a while. Lucy has become everyone's child. We love you all and think of you at least a million times a day. XXX Tamar

Bobbi said...

Love the pics of Sam and Lucy. Love the pig tails!!

Also, loved the pic of you and Lucy. Looks like the picture taking ability runs in the family!!

Now, I have a new fav. picture of Lucy and Sam. HMMMMM

Your Mom will be missed, I know.
Hope the zoo was fun.

Victoria & Joe said...

Love the pics... I am so glad you are able to experience this wonderful time with your children. enjoy it all. you deserve it,,
I love the pigtails.. so cute..

Anonymous said...

Dear Beth, I have tried so many times to leave a comment and it never works and I can't seem to get you phone # - here I am trying again to tell you how so excited I am about my little granddaughter and of course my little Sam. I am so excited I can't stand myself! Just can't wait to hold her. I am so proud of you - the pictures are all over the house. See you soon. Love, Little Nana