Saturday, February 23, 2008

Quick Pics...

Just a few random moments to share:

At the Zoo.
( My camera battery died!)
It was a GREAT day. La Aurora National Zoo is just wonderful.
After a Tub.

Just Looking Beautiful.
(Even with a bottle blocking her face!)

Sam and Alejandro at Hotel Antigua.

We went back to Hotel Antigua with my neighbor, Debbie, and her daughter today. Sam made fast friends with this sweet boy, Alejandro. What was so amazing is that neither spoke each other's language, yet they played together for almost 4 hours! Alejandro told the other boys in the pool that Sam was his hermano (brother). His mother and I both watched them with total adoration. Another great day... and one day closer to seeing Keith!

Luciana is still our happy, smiling, easy going gal! She is showing us more and more of her personality each day, rolling, bouncing, talking up a storm... she just has Sam and I wrapped around her little finger! Keith, be prepared to melt.

Much love.


Nicole said...

Though I've been a little off the radar lately, I've been loving your pics and stories of Antigua! The pic of Sam and his new friend is so wonderful!

So glad you guys are having a wonderful time. Isn't the zoo great? I still have a few posts to catch up on from my trip...

Keep enjoying your time there - once I got home, I am completely EXHAUSTED! :)

Victoria & Joe said...

Love the close up of Lucy.. adorable.. Also loving the Sam story. I just came from a huge Gospel Sing in honor of Black History Month. Your story makes me wonder why we can't all see the world through a childs eyes.. They are so innocent.

Anonymous said...

Good morning my dear! Glad to wake to new photos and news. I missed not having new things yesterday. Sounds like you're trying to find quieter moments like the pool (not sure if it was quieter or just relaxing). What an experience Sam is having. As Keith wrote, this is definitely forming part of who Sam will become and is certainly giving him a worldly experience. His eyes have been opened to things that we all wish our children could know (as hard as some of those lessons are, they're giving him perspective and compassion for others). Thanks for bringing the zoo to Fort Kent...the girls say COOL! Counting down the days for you, until you're all together. I imagine each passing day must get harder for Keith and also for you now that you're without Mom. Of course, Keith is giong to melt. All daddy's and their little girls do, but man, those eyes...she's going to have this ability on everyone. When she's a teenager, watch out! For now, enjoy the innocence and the beauty of having your 2 AMAZING children all to yourself. XXX Tamar We'll have great news to share at church this morning.

Bobbi said...

Sounds like the relaxing day you have been needing. SWIMMING???? Ok, jeaulousy here. Sam is so sweet it is no wonder he made friends so quickly. Aren't kids just amazing? I loved that story.

Can't wait to see that personality in person!!! How funny she has her brother right where she wants him. That will come in handy in a few months when she takes his toys:>)!!

Hope you have another great day!

Laurie said...

Loving all the pictures and living in Antigua vicariously thru you. Every picture of your 2 kids are just adorable. What an awesome story Sam will have to tell later about playing with Alejandro!

Donna said...

Beth! What a great update! Sam's story brings a smile to the face! So glad things are continuing to go well! It's just great seeing you all together - and knowing Keith will be there soon!

Steph said...

Oh!!! I love this story!! Amazing that the power of friendship rises above the barriers of language and culture. Sam, you are a sweet and amazing boy. I can't wait to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Sydney says, "Sam looks so growned in that pool." Funny what they say and see when looking at their friends/other children.

Guatemama said...

OH YEA!!! It looks like another wonderful day. I am so happy that Sam had such a fun day at the pool with Alejandro. Lucy is stunning. LOVE The third picture.