Friday, February 15, 2008

Life Is Good

(Pic is tribute to BBQ crew!)

I know it is understandable, and I know you will forgive me, but I truly have not had any time to sit down and write emails or update this blog... but I have had the best of intentions everyday! It is amazing how busy we are... and oh, so happy!
I will try to recap what we have been up to, and I promise pics! Here are a few to tide you over:
In our backyard:

(Sally, I LOVE this dress!)

After getting down here from GC, it became all about settling in. Now, we are feeling very at home in our little apartment, and Mom and I are pretty good at a system for meeting up each day. Yesterday we met at "The Arc" and explored the center of Antigua. It is so neat there. I will admit that it took some doing to figure out where I was at first, but I am getting the hang of it! Sam has done an amazing job of helping me, staying by me, and being a total trooper... not to mention great big brother! We walk EVERYWHERE, and he barely complains! Once in awhile he asksfor a taxi which just cracks me up... we don't have a lot of taxis in our town, let alone tuk tuks!
After going to La Bodegada (??) to get goroceries, we spent a long time unpacking and visiting with Ilse, our 80 year old landlord, yesterday. I love this apartment. Ilse set up another bed for S, so the three of us are very comfy side by side by side!
Sam and I had our first tuk tuk ride yesterday... if he has his way, it will be our last. His favorite part was when it was over! Ha!

Anyway, after a bit of initial sightseeing, we stumbled onto this lovely italian place that takes you back outside once you are in. We were the only ones there, so S was able to explore the beautiful gardens and fountain.
Once home, I did all the usual bedtime duties times 2, and loved every minute of it! I can't wait for Keith to be here to enjoy those moments together!
Luciana is just a wonderful, happy, content baby. She is so enjoyable. She smiles all the time, and is a total snuggler. She had her best night last night (the night before was not so fun) only waking up once in the night for a bottle. I think we all had our best night's sleep last night and are starting to feel more... well... I won't jinx it.

This morning Mom arrived via tuk tuk... that is one cool Mimi! We did laundry and puttered. The whole morning was a dream come true to me. Before Mom came, we had done breakfast, homework, laundry, and showers/tubs! I was in domestic heaven! Ha! That will be short lived, but I was just beaming.
For lunch, we headed to Porta Hotel/Hotel Antigua. The walk there was a total adventure, but we found it and it was so worth it! This hotel has the most beautiful grounds. Sam, Lucy and I went swimming and Sam enjoyed the playground. It was great to meet and talk with other fostering mom's and to meet so many beautiful babies! Mom ended up babysitting an adorable 2 year old while her mom changed out of her suit.... too cute! We had planned to grab a taxi home, but the weather is so gorgeous and we just walked.

Now, I am home again with my kiddos and getting ready to start dinner. I feel like I have left out a million little details. It is all wonderful and happy.
Keith and I are in touch everyday, and though we miss each other terribly, we are both doing okay. He is working hard, and so am I! ;-) Before we know it, I will be posting PINK and he will be losing sleep looking for a deal on a flight! He read Sam a goodnight story tonight by way of webcam.... it was such an emotional moment for me. (Thanks, Sue... great gift!)

So, how about a montage?

This one starts at the Portland airport. The sunrise is from the plane. Sam sleeping on the ground is his intro. to Guatemala. The first bunch are in GC, then next shots w/ the view of the volcano are from Mom's room (Antigua), the rest are from Antigua in general, and the outside kid shots are our backyard. For the rest you can just sit back and enjoy... love, love, love!!

PS- For my fellow bloggers and timeline stalkers... our sample arrived in GC and was delivered TODAY at 11:29 AM! Any thoughts about a PINK Monday??? ** Edited to say Tuesday or Wednesday.... forgot Monday is President's Day!**


Steph said...

Yay! I am the first poster!! What an honor! Hee hee!

Okay, I am bawling my eyes out!! Happy, happy, happy!!!!!

I love the pic of Sam pushing the stroller and the one of Lucy touching his face. OHHHHHHHH...pure sweetness!!!

Anonymous said...

This made my day - what's better than getting up at 5am to see a beautiful montage of pictures of Sam and Lucy. She looks so happy. life IS good!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!
Great pictures. What a neat looking place, so beautiful. This blog is great instant gratification, I like that. Tell Sam that his cousins are checking in on him everyday on the computer. xoxox deb jack sam

Anonymous said...

whoops, I signed Sam instead of Maggie!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Every day I log onto my computer and go right to your blog - such a treat to see new pictures of the kids. They look wonderful and SO happy. I love the Life is Good outfit....absolutely perfect.
Hugs & Kisses -

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd grab one more look before heading to Camden and now my travels will be filled with visions of your beautiful family and Gautamala. Like everyone else I'm sure, I skipped the reading and went right for the montage and then went back to read. I was ok looking at the photos with Josh over my shoulder. Even he had tears in his eyes and as Sydney sat on my lap to watch, she kept looking at me then dad then me, back and forth trying to figure out why we were smiling ear to ear but our eyes were welling. Then, I read Keith read a bedtime story over Webcam and I lost it totally! My heart aches that he isn't there. I'm glad though that he has contact and soon enough, it'll be PINK monday (I assume that means court date). I'll check more from Grammies. XXX Tamar

Anonymous said...

Life is SO good ! What a treat for all us to feel like we are there with you. Your "babies" are so beautiful . It looks like SAm has been a big brother from Lucy's first day. Enjoy your time with them now, as we are all very excited about meeting her in the U.S.
love, laughter and smiles, Terri O

Terry said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for taking the time to share your days with us.


Nicole said...

Finally able to see your blog! The internet connection at Crowne Plaza is AWFUL!!

Glad to see you're settling in. The time you spend in Antigua is so precious. Love the pics! :)

Can't wait to see PINK!

The gFamily said...

I love all the new pics!! It is so fun to see Sam with Luciana!! You can tell that they adore each other!! You have two very beautiful children!

My guess is Pink on Tuesday! Are they working on Monday? If they are, then my guess is Monday! Come on PINK!!

Gretchen said...

I am so happy to see you settled into Antigua with your beautiful kids! Isn't it amazing? Love the pictures! I can tell you that the embassy is closed on Monday. So maybe pink on Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll be looking for that post!

Bobbi said...

So glad you are doing well. I can imagine you are busy. Glad everyone is settling in well. It certainly is an adjustment. Enjoy the domestic heaven!!!

Lucy and Sam look like they have been together forever. They are both gorgeous.

Can I put my vote in for two ponies being her signature. OMG too cute!!!

Ok, I am for pink Tuesday. I hate to be the downer of this, but Monday is a Holiday for US!!! So, Tuesday.

Keith, hope you are working on that list she left, cuz she is coming home!!!!!

Much Love,


Greta Jo said...

How Beautiful! I have tears still streaming down my face from your post and awesome video.

Guatemama said...

Oh I am just crying and crying!! What amazing pictures and video! I am so happy for you all! It is a huge adjustment isn't it? but such a great one!! Enjoy

Sam you are a great big brother I can just tell!!